Friday, April 30, 2010

Specialized mailing lists

If you made your mind what field you want to work within, consider joining specialized scientific mailing lists related to your field. It's very useful to be on the same mailing list with pioneers of the field. Subscription at such mailing lists give you the following benefits:
- Notifications about call-for-papers/participation at conferences as well as deadline extensions.
- Notifications about special issues at journals.
- Announcements on PhD/MSc opportunities and scholarships.
- Announcements on Research-Assistantship, Post-Doc and relevant job vacancies.
- Resources and tools made available for research community.
- Discussions on research directions by professionals in the field.

Following are examples of fields and respective mailing lists:
- Natural Language Processing: Corpora-list
- Data Mining/Databases: KD-Nuggets, DB-World
- Social Network Analysis: Socnet
- Machine Learning: ML-news, UAI
- Neural Nets: Connectionists
- Information Retrieval: SIG-IRList

Thanks to Hossam Sharara for inspiring this post.

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